From Acoustic Rock to his heart-felt ballads and laugh-out-loud tales of life on the fringes, Kem Anderson is one of the best entertainer/songwriters on the DFW music scene.” - The Observer

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Kem Anderson is an award-winning songwriter, an entertainer and a master storyteller.  

In over four decades, he’s written more than 400 songs. Playing live, he narrows the set list to 15 or 20 numbers and uses his looper pedal as his band.  

Kem’s music can best be described as Lyric-Driven Americana. He’s already recorded 5 CDs and is currently completing a new 4-song Live EP. His back catalogue has real depth and responds to a world that wants to know if an artist "really has something to say". There’s no question, Kem Anderson does. 

Reviewer Jack Jameson says: "Kem brings to mind a Baby Boomer Ed Sheeran. He’s out there playing his diverse and strikingly original body of music, with his fascinating command of the looper pedal as his band. His songs come from a place where the words matter and the stories have been lived."