Kem brings to mind a Baby Boomer Ed Sheeran. He’s out there playing his diverse and strikingly original body of music, with his fascinating command of the looper pedal as his band. His songs come from a place where the words matter and the stories have been lived.” - Jack Jameson, reviewer

Meet Kem Anderson

Born in 1955, Kem Anderson seems to be speeding up at an age when most Boomers are slowing down and heading for the exits. A proud 4th generation Texan and native of Fort Worth, Kem neither looks nor acts his age. 

Like millions, The Beatles made him want to play guitar in a band. He came of age watching greats like Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Doors perform live, yet was simultaneously inspired by the lyric writers and Folk poets of the time - Dylan, Neil Young, etc.  – a trend he sees continuing with current artists like Ed Sheeran. 

His own SONGS SPEAK TO CONTEMPORARY ISSUES. He’s also a musician who cares and is on a MISSION TO INSPIRE his fellow artists to help as many people in need as possible, through the power of music.


As a composer, Kem aims to address issues that affect us all… relationships, being prepared for whatever life throws at us, accepting who we are and staying the distance right through to the finish line… and then there’s his love of all things Texan, which he celebrates in several songs.   

You’re more than welcome to just listen, download if you like and to stay in touch with Kem and keep up to date with what he’s doing. Of course, at any time, you can contact Kem if you’d like to be part of Mission Driven Musicians, or you’d like to cover one of his originals or place it in a Film, TV show or advertisement. 

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