The brand new studio version of 'Proud (To Be Dysfunctional)' has been added to the website. This single will resonate with Baby Boomer fans and can provide some perspective for our younger audience. It is a tongue-in-cheek look at what it was like to grow up in the 70s and how the times have shaped who we are today. WHILE YOU ARE HERE CHECK OUT ALL THE REST OF MY ORIGINAL MUSIC!


"A sonic mashup of Neil Young, Delbert McClinton and John Prine with attitude!" Americana Crossroads 

"From Acoustic rock to heart-felt ballads and laugh-out-loud tales of life on the fringes, Kem Anderson is one of the best entertainer/songwriter’s in the DFW music scene."   The Observer-

"Baby Boomers love this guy; 20-year-olds can't write songs like these."  Insideout Magazine 

"I don't really have fans; it's more like a small, deeply-disturbed cult following. Come on in; the party is just getting started!"  Kem Anderson




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