Kem Anderson

                                                       Kem Anderson

“A Baby Boomer troubadour with Texas attitude and Fort Worth heart”  -Guy Williams, Producer

My mother was an English professor and often read to me as a very young child. This instilled an early love of stories, poetry and lyrics.

After watching The Beatles explode on the world stage like an atomic bomb; me and about another million other young guys wanted to play guitar in a band. I saved up my paper route money and bought a cool Gibson Melody Maker guitar. I was kicked out of my first band. While playing a Hollies song in my second band the drummer stopped in mid song, threw down his sticks and yelled "forget it're not good enough!”

This was a revelation…Undaunted; I decided that if I wanted to play guitar and sing, I was going to have to write my own songs. No more trying to sound like other bands and artists!

During the late 60’s and early 70’s the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movements were raging. The country was torn apart and there was revolution in the air. I lived for two things: buying records, and going to concerts. I saw and was inspired by many of the great bands of the era---Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Santana, Steppenwolf, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead. At the same time I was developing my own style and tuned into many of the lyric writers and poets like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and John Prine. It was an amazing time to come of age!

As a proud 3rd generation from Fort Worth I was also greatly influenced by many of the writers and bands native to Texas and Fort Worth: Townes Van Zandt, Delbert McClinton, Space Opera, Robert Ealey, T-Bone Burnett and Stephen Bruton.

Born in 1955 (a great year for Chevrolet and my lucky parents) I landed precisely in the middle of the baby boomers. I can look at my peers nine years ahead, nine years behind and tap directly into the zeitgeist of the largest, possibly most screwed up generation the world has ever produced. My songs speak to boomer issues---Dysfunctional families, drugs, divorce, corporate burnout, outliving our usefulness, and addressing life's great unanswered questions like---how the hell did we get here?!? In the words of Jerry Garcia---what a long strange trip it's been...


  • -Written over 250 songs—Completed 5 Cd’s
  • -Co-founder of several respected bands. The Screaming Oysters, Sun Dogs, and Hidden Agenda.
  • -Co-founder of the Fairmount Music Collective. A group of musicians that come together each Thursday night to play music, mentor young artists, and perform for benefits and charities in the region.
  • -Active in Fort Worth Songwriters Association and Nashville Songwriters Association.
  • -Speeding up at an age when most Boomers are slowing down and heading for the exits.
  • -My music inspires a small, deeply-disturbed cult following!
  • -Live Performances and Showcases can be see on Youtube---Kem Anderson

“Kems songs like Lost Weekend, Marijuana Saved My Relationship, and Proud to be Dysfunctional tell the stories of a generation that changed the world, lost it’s idealism and still defines every stage of life they pass through”   -T. Passman, Boston Underground


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