For those of us who grew up in the early days of Rock'n'Roll, GarageBand meant just that. It was a group of teenagers getting together with secondhand guitars and used drums, trying to learn the latest song on the radio. All across the country if you simply drove down most any neighborhood block, you could hear music spilling out of neighborhood garages on Saturdays and Sundays.
It was glorious!

Nowadays, GarageBand means something completely different. I've recently started working with this recording program that came with my Macintosh computer that I bought five years ago! I guess I'm a slow learner, but this is the most amazing recording setup for home use that I've ever seen.

I'm only scratching the surface, but for $4.99 you can get Delux GarageBand, which offers even more amazing features that can take your home recordings to the next level! And just like that you have your very own home studio right on your computer. I'm serious. It comes with hundreds of samples of music that you can download and drop in to tracks, and rearrange them to make your own original recordings. I write the music and lyrics for all of my original songs, so this really helps me as an independent artist to bring those songs to fruition, without the time and expense of booking a studio.

Booking a studio can be a very alien and disconcerting experience if you're not used to it. There's a sound engineer, a producer, not to mention a bunch of impatient musicians, and the clock is ticking at big bucks per hour. It's like trying to create a song in laboratory. Every line a note can be dissected, changed and manipulated and you just hope it comes out something like you hear it in your head.

But with GarageBand I can now sit in my own home office and just bang away. Drums, bass, string section, it's all available. I look forward to posting soundtracks and music that I've created in GarageBand, and I hope the musicians among our readers will try out the program so you too can reap the benefits in terms of creating awesome original music. 

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