General Humfeld father of my wonderful High School friend Mary K. just celebrated his 94th Birthday in style. I have admired "General" since 1970. He was former Commander of Strategic Air Command and a wonderful caring man every step of the way.

My Toast to Genreral Humfeld:


The FLY-IN Music Festival was a success. I got to perform with some fellow songwriters, the weather was amazing, 75 degrees and crystal clear.  A big bonus was the WWII aircraft on display as well as other unusual airplanes. When the B-25 bomber fired up she shook the ground... Big fun!

The event was was a huge success! The Fairmount Music Collective was present and rocking out as the entertainment for the evening. I was joined onstage by Kim Heske, Mike McQuidy, Steve Harrison and Chris Curtis. My 5 song set sounded full and we had between 500-600 people at the event. It is very satisfying to help raise big sums of money by playing original music for Charity Events.

(I was told the proceeds were $600,000 but were actually a paltry $417,000...oh well)


It was a fun day at the Texas Music Festival; the crowd was friendly and the weather was pleasant. I really enjoy hanging around the backstage area with the other musicians most of all. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to play. It is amazing what it takes to put on an outdoor festival. Special thanks to Mike and Christinal Slagle for all of their hard work in organizing the show. The proceeds go to help in the unrelenting quest to fight and cure cancer. I lost my mom to breast cancer after a valiant 6 year battle, so these efforts mean a lot to me personally.

I played 2 sets of originals and the crowd was very receptive. The highlight of the evening was having John Nitzinger join me on bass for the second set.John is a "living legend" and I was honored. I have been a fan of his since the early 70's. His debut album had the most expensive album cover ever produced and the songs were killer. He is a force of nature on an electric guitar. It was blast rocking with John Nitzinger!

I have some wonderful friends, Charles and Yvonne Townsend.They live in a cool 3 story house overlooking beautiful Lake Whitney. Yvonne and Charles are both in their 80's and an inspiration to me. They are the original- seekers of new ideas, inspiration and religious philosophies. Their spirit and energy are amazing. Thom and Dayna are long time friends that I met through the Townsends...Dayna is counselor living in Austin, and Thom is a creative spirit living in Dallas. When we all get together there is no shortage of fun stories and jokes. It is always a great day at Lake Whitney!

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