I remember when I was a kid and vinyl records were all the rage. It was great fun any time you had the opportunity to add to your collection and spend hours jamming out to your favorite artists beside the record player. 

Since those times, the advent of cassette tapes, CDs and the digital music revolution have caused the practical uses of records and record players to wane. 

Proud is partly a tongue in cheek look at growing up in the 60's & 70's, and partly social comment on the Baby Boomer generation -- arguably one of the most dysfunctional generations ever born. Why would we not be? We grew up being taught that if we ducked under our school desks and covered our heads, we would be safe from nuclear warheads! It only got crazier from there.

There are an untold number of ways music can impact an individual. Spiritually, mentally and even physically, human beings often enjoy a holistic response to the perfect tunes at the perfect time. For local musician Brian Behle the impact was much more profound than that: music saved his life.

After watching television on a Sunday morning and seeing one too many Viagra commercials, it occurred to me that there must have been some "winkie on the blinky" the Saturday night before. At that moment, the song was born.

North Texas musician Garrett Owen's upbringing provided him with unique experiences that have helped him turn a love for music into a promising career. With some big projects upcoming, he is certainly a name local music lovers will know, if they do not already. 

Lola's Saloon opened in 2007 after owner Brian Forella closed the popular Wreck Room. The new venue became a home of sorts to many local musicians, and has gained notoriety among many regional and national acts of all genres. Lola's has cultivated the music scene by drawing in artists that would typically choose to play in Dallas, Houston or Austin and has consistently drawn in more fans than its 300-person capacity would suggest.

Being happy helps you achieve all your other goals: better family relationships, a better marriage, better career and finances, and satisfaction with your life.


50 percent of happiness comes from your genetics; 10 percent comes from your circumstances: your job, your family, your financial situation and your health; and 40% of happiness comes from intentional behavior; things you can control and activities you can do on a daily basis.

Buddy Whittington is as underappreciated a national music treasure as you are likely to find. Whittington got his start at an early age, assimilating into the DFW Music scene by playing regularly at clubs along Jacksboro Highway. The early experience proved valuable as this guitar virtuoso created his personal style, which is unofficially referred to as blues and southern rock but is actually so much more, as he can move seamlessly through several different genres, all with a smile on his face.

Although self-described Alt-Country band Shotgun Josephine arrived in the Metroplex just two short years ago, they have become very involved in creating a communal, collaborative environment that empowers local musicians, while continuing to work away on some exciting projects of their own.

Since 1978, Fred's has been a listener-friendly venue, long before its location in the West 7th area exploded into mass popularity with new bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Fred's now has two additional locations, but the general goal remains the same

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