James Hinkle has already accomplished more as a musician than many do in a lifetime, but today he is just grateful and happy to be alive. He narrowly survived a horrific car wreck almost 39 years ago to the day and required surgery for a serious health event last year that has just a six percent survival rate. That level of adversity would shake up and could even demoralize a person, but for him it provided a new perspective on life. This is a very different paradigm from the ego-centered approach that many artists take, and it's very refreshing to be around.

As a writer his goal is to translate his life events into self-expression, both musically and artistically. He spent more than three decades writing and playing blues and country music that gained popularity regionally, nationally and internationally. He's also played in some of the greatest environments in the country, including the Lincoln Center in New York City and the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, Texas. 


A renaissance man of sorts, Hinkle has branched off into painting, where he has shown immense ability after accomplishing so much in the musical world. He's also a dedicated family man. His daughter Claire is an up-and-coming artist in her own right, playing shows with her dad and developing her own unique voice and talents under his watchful eye. He believes in mutual respect between young adults and their elders and the positivity that can arise from such relationships.  


James will be turning 60 in September. His network of people, as he will tell you, are what makes his life rich. He points out you can go make new friends but you can never replace the old ones. He knows that everyone alive has their share struggles, and the more that we can do to share the struggles and burdens with our friends and family, the easier, better, and richer life is. We talked about in depth what it's like to get older and be an artist, and his attitude is to do good, every day that you can, and treat people kindly along the way.


This Memorial Day he will play a Joe Cocker tribute at Lola's Trailer Park with the band that he put together featuring singer Ken Neal. His upcoming show at The Goat in Dallas will be an acoustic show, and on May 19th he will be playing at Keys Lounge with Susie Q. The reality with music these days is that it's very difficult to make money unless you travel, travel and travel some more. James also has an upcoming show scheduled in Belgium in June with his band, The Transatlantics, but he is also taking the family along for a family vacation and a musical journey.


While he has accomplished a great deal as a musician and painter, the perspective and attitude James Hinkle has developed through his life experiences is perhaps his greatest gift for us. If you have the opportunity to see him play in person, you will now understand that there is so much more to his music than meets the ear. 

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