This is Kem's latest single, 'Fort Worth Saturday Night,' which will be featured on the upcoming album Go To Texas. This is a fun, upbeat Americana track featuring several prominent themes from the state of Texas. The record features Ken Cannizzo on percussion and was produced by the legendary Johnny Reno. 

This 11-song album features original Americana music from Kem along with long-time friends Larry Bromley, Ron Clark and Tony Lee. 

This follow-up album from Kem and the Sun Dogs features 10 original, lyrically-driven tracks intended to get listeners moving and thinking at the same time. 

This Rock & Roll album from the two-man band The Screaming Oysters (featuring Kem and Fred Arroyo) features nine energetic songs that will surely be appreciated by listeners young and old. 

This short, four-song EP, which was actually released two years after the group's "Greatest Hits" album, features original Rock & Roll songs from Kem and Fred Arroyo. WARNING: Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this music. 

This self-titled EP by Hidden Agenda includes a pair of tracks originally performed by Kem Anderson and Bob Nunlee circa 2003. The original work included an additional pair of songs written by Nunlee, who has since retired from the music business and declined to participate in the re-release. 


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