Proud to be Dysfunctional is such a great song! The lyrics are like the story of my life and so many other Baby Boomers!
I have spent time on many musicians' websites but yours is one of the most entertaining I have seen. It seems like there is a new song to listen to or new pictures to look at every day!
Your website is looking great! I have been following your new music, videos and blog posts and they are very entertaining!
I absolutely LOVE your new lyric videos. The music is great but it allows me to appreciate the songwriting even more when I can follow along!
Ken Cannizzo is my son-in-law. Sure didn't know he could sing. I'm enjoying sampling the music here!!
Kem Anderson may be the best singer-songwriter you've never heard of in North Texas. I have a feeling that is about to change.
'Proud to be Dysfunctional' is more than a song; it could be a theme for an entire generation!
How would I describe Kem's music? 'A thinking man's party animal' is as close as I can get!
Dude, you rock!
I listen to a lopt of music. I am a sucker for a beautiful, unabashed love song. 'Walk With Me Another Mile' is a classic!
East Texas Roadtrip is pure Gonzo. If Hunter Thompson has a playlist on the other side this is #1!
"The outro in 'Other Side' has a classic guitar-driven adrenaline pounding urgency, like early Mellencamp slam dancing with 'Wild Thing!'”
MSMR----- That was my life 40 years ago. Glad thats behind. Good Job!!
Love the website..keep on grooving.
Thanx 4 sending link! Dysfunctional FUN! Love the pic!
Can't get music like yours here in Palo Alto (except on your cd), so we're coming to hear you play poolside in two weeks!!
Rock on, brother!
Great website ! enjoyed checking it out....Keep up your great music!
Your commitment and love of music is just the best. Don't stop kicking down those highways of Texas and beyond.


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