She Likes to Drive

Performed by: Kem Anderson & Screaming Oysters
Written by: Kem Anderson


She told me that she loved me

She said “Let's go for a ride”

I put down the top and I hopped in by her side

She said “You give directions honey, I like to drive”


She was built like a ‘Vette

She was driving a new Thunderbird

Had a red-hot engine underneath her hood

We were out of control, as she went blasting through the curves

We roared across the desert at 110,

As the white lines began to blur

She hit overdrive, passed a highway patrol

I was holding on to her

(Scoot the seat back honey keep your eyes on the road)


She drove me to ecstasy in New Mexico

As we rode across the great divide

Her long hair streamed in the bright moonlight

God, I'll never forget that ride


Then I woke up alone,

In a place I've never been before

I threw open the window,

As I heard that big engine roar

She said “I'm living for fast love, it keeps me alive”

She blew me a kiss in the cool morning light

She said “You give good directions honey, but I like to drive”


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