Hot Monkey Love

Performed by: Kem Anderson & Sun Dogs
Written by: Kem Anderson


Hot monkey love,

It’s like a disease

I heard it through the grapevine,

As I was swinging thru the trees

There’s no such thing as enough

Once you get a taste for hot monkey love


You’re an organ grinders dream, baby

With your bows and tattoos

My friends see you coming,

They start spreading the news

The tabloids say you’re back in town

I can’t wait to see the pictures of you, monkeyin’ around


You can call me Tarzan

You can call me Jane                 

You can call me Cheetah, baby

Just let me do my thang


If you get out of your cage

I know just what you will do

You’ll go hang with the boys, down at the local Zoo

When a crowd gathers around

You and the boys will start to monkey around

Hot monkey love


   © Kem Anderson


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