Fort Worth Saturday Night

Performed by: Kem Anderson
Written by: Kem Anderson


$912.00 dollars in my pocket, I just cashed my check

Four shots of Cuervo, I’m playing with a loaded deck

I can draw aces anytime, make them disappear

Tonight I'll do a vanishing act with a case of Shiner beer


I’m drawn to a party crowd like a moth to the neon light

Another day in paradise; another Fort Worth Saturday night


Rousting a rig in the oil field, it’s 113 in the shade

When my shift is over, man, I hope I’m getting laid…that’s right!

My party girls at Billy Bob’s dance like floating-souls

I’m airborn on mescaline; the band is hot as glowing coals


Tonight is a hard-edged crowd; I might have to fight

Another day in paradise, another Fort Worth Saturday night


I could have stayed in college; a few semesters I’d been done

I dropped accounting twice, it was time to have some fun; Have some fun!

I headed west in my F-150; 12 cold beers in a pack

Hired on the first rig I saw; I am not going back


I love a party town; Fort Worth parties right

Another day in paradise, another Fort Worth Saturday night


                   © 2013 Kem Anderson


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