Dangerous Curves

Performed by: Kem Anderson & Sun Dogs
Written by: Kem Anderson


Swore you would be faithful,

For all of your days

There’s no love at home,

Your heart is changing its ways   

You stopped at the bar,

For one quick drink

A woman is looking at you,

You’re starting to think 


Should you talk to her,

Before you lose your nerve?

You better be careful,

You're heading for dangerous curves


You start to wonder:

Do you still have what it takes?

It's been to many years,

Since you’ve been in the race

Should you turn back,

And just call it a day?

Those questions could haunt you,

For the rest of your days


Brakes are failing,

You’re starting to swerve

Warning signs say:

You’re heading for dangerous curves


How did you get here?

Where was the wrong turn?

It’s like driving at night,

With no headlights on

You’re losing control,

Heading for Dangerous curves.


Swore you would be faithful,

For all of your days.

The love you needed,

Just slipped away

Now your heart is pounding,

You’re heading for dangerous curves


      © Kem Anderson


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